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Be The New You Weight Loss Success Stories

Below are just a few of our recent weight loss clients and success stories.

Real Peopleā€¦ Real Success Stories!

Below are just a few of our recent weight loss clients and success stories.

Andrea B.

"It works tremendous, I loose 25 pounds."

Bruce C.

I lost 20 pounds in just 30 days and made my life easier. 

Deborah W.

I went from size 14 to size 10 in eight weeks.

Eric L.

I've lost over 40 pounds.

Belinda S.

I lost 30 pounds and it's 100% complete turnaround for me.

Bob B.

Losing 23 pounds feels so rewarding.

Phil W.

Losing 50 pounds makes your life a lot easier.

Debra D.

After 28 days, I've successfully lost 21 pounds.

Jay C.

I lost 80 pounds by making healthier choices.

Hear What Our Customers Have To Say!

From Our Customers' Journey to the Younger, Newer you.
Based on 58 reviews
Sandra estridge
Sandra estridge
I have loved the program was very easy and took off all the weight I wanted. Great staff also
Lori E
Lori E
This program has really helped not only my weight, but overall health. I feel great and have leaned a lot about what foods help me and keep me going.
Jeff Otto
Jeff Otto
This has been an excellent program to be on as well as maintaining in the future!
John Ogle
John Ogle
Great experience
Angela Chambers
Angela Chambers
I love this place. The staff is amazing. When I first come to them, I was very over weight. Not able to exercise. I was needing knee replacements and wasn't able to get this done until I got some weight off. I lost 72 lbs and then I was able to have one of my knees replaced. Now I'm working on my weight so I can get my other knee replaced. The diet is so easy to do. Since I lost my weight I've was taken off some of my medications and some of them was reduced. My A1C is lower. I have alot of energy. I'm moving better. This is the route to go. I recommend this to anyone who wants to loose weight and get their life back. Thank you Be The New You!
Brad Long
Brad Long
The Team/Staff is so helpful and encouraging with your health goals. I highly recommend them for your weight loss journey.
Chad Baker
Chad Baker
Staff was great. I lost 26lbs in 30 days. It works. I would recommend trying them. Thanks!
Terry Melton
Terry Melton
My husband and I have been on this program for 2 months. We have lost 65 lbs between the 2 of us. The staff is great and they pay attention to our concerns and needs. They have the answers to all our questions before and after signing up with them.
Taft Butcher
Taft Butcher
Great program
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